Thursday, February 2, 2012


A few samples of jewelry I've made lately; I will be adding more photos over the next few weeks of bracelets & children's jewelry I've made. I have several metal and tag options not pictured here yet in sterling silver, brass, and copper. Shapes include a long rectangle, star, scalloped edge oval, 4-sided brass bar, etc. I'd love to make a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for you or your loved one, e-mail me at

You may also read a customer's review here.
I also update more often with photos here:

7/8" copper circle with 1/8" lowercase arial font.  Snake chain.

7/8" sterling silver circles, hammered; 1/8" 'regular' uppercase font, box chain.

Sterling silver teardrop pendant.  Lowercase arial 1/8" font.

Copper bird with 1/8" lowercase arial font on turquoise wooden beads.
Classic Handstamped Necklace.....18" sterling silver 'snake' chain, 3/4" sterling silver tags that have been hammered to give the dimpled apperance. I can also add a birthdate or middle name to each tag. $30 for the first necklace & tag, $10 for each additional hand stamped tag.

1" nickel circle tag, combined with copper heart & 2 turquoise glass beads. Can be customized with your favorite verse or phrase, and any number of tags, shapes, etc. I now have several washers, brass tags, stars, etc. to choose from. $40 as shown. Add or subtract $10 per additional tag. (Add $5 per tag for sterling silver instead of nickel on this larger size)
Summer Special fashion jewelry...stainless steel 3/4" pendant on turqoise wooden bead stretch necklace. I can fit several words or names, even a short phrase on this tag. Lightweight, perfect for summer! Only $15 as shown. Yellow & Green wooden bead necklaces available also. Contact me for photos of these colors, or for price quotes for substitutions.

Solid brass bar pendant! 4-sided; shown with each side hand stamped with a family member's name. Also great for a phrase, or your children's names. I can fit 5 letters on each of the two sides with the hole on them, and 6 letters on the two sides without a hole. The pendant hangs well, so each side shows at times while wearing it. I also have a slightly wider bar in copper, and can special order sterling silver. Can be combined with other tags & beads as well. Hung on a sterling silver 16" chain here. $40 as shown.

My current favorite! 18" sterling silver thin 'box' chain with 4 little tags. 1/2" tags each have family members' birthdays on them. Great idea for grandparents too! $40 as shown with 4 little tags; add or subtract $10 per 2 tags.
Copper 1" 'washer' pendant hung directly on 18" sterling silver bead style chain. (This was my first time using the heart stamp so it's a bit messed up but I still wear it; yours would be normal :). 3 names or words are likely to fit. Hammered finish. $30 for the first necklace & tag, $10 for each additional hand stamped tag.

18" sterling silver 'bead' chain, copper heart. $30 for the first necklace & tag, $10 for each additional hand stamped tag. Cute with 2 names, such as "Kyla & Nathan"

Double beaded strand with assorted 'jewel tone' glass beads. Other glass bead colors are available. Approximately 18" long. 2 copper tags, 3/4" each. $50 as shown; $15 for each additional strand & tag.

I like the way copper ages to a nice dark brown/coppery color. You can polish it if you like to keep it bright & shiny. 3/4" copper tags with first & middle names, as well as birthdates. $50 as shown; $15 for each additional strand & tag.

20" white & clear glass beads with sterling silver teardrop that says Faith Hope Love. $40 as shown (larger beads & tag).

3/4" copper tag with "Kyla & Nathan" hand stamped. Disk has been domed & hammered to give more texture. Hung on copper & blue glass bead necklace, approximately 18" long. $35 for single strand glass bead necklaces with 1 tag; $15 for each additional strand & pendant.